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Jun 21

To claim or not to claim?

After talking to many people about what I do, and getting some sighs and some aghast looks of how can you do that for a job?, I thought it might be an idea to dispell some myths. Personal Injury lawyers are not all money grabbing, phone harassing dweebs who prey on the vulnerable and make insurance go up. On the contrary, our job is to help you, the innocent victim of an accident get the compensation you deserve. This doesn’t just mean getting money for your injuries, it might also include any earnings you lose because you can’t work, any medical treatment you need as a result of being injured, any travel expenses incurred in travelling backwards and forwards to hospital or the doctor, and advising on any benefits you may now be entitled to. We do not ambulance chase or make you claim. We are not claims management companies who harass you with unwanted phone calls and we are not unscrupulous insurers who might contact you after an accident and try to make you a low offer to settle your claim.

Proud to help

I love what I do and I am proud of every single claim I ahve pursued for innocent victims. I’ve helped many hundreds of people get compensation and redress after having a non-fault accident, and there is no greater feeling than knowing you have gone a little way to helping someone put the pieces of their life back together. So there you have it, a personal injury lawyer with a heart! You’ll find most of us do.


So if you are wondering whether to claim after you have sustained an injury following a non-fault accident, don’t be swayed by those saying “oh, that’s why insurance is so expensive now”, “we live in a compensation culture” or “health and safety has gone mad” – none of the above are true. What is true, is I can help you get the compensation you deserve. No bells and whistles, just honest advice. If I don’t think I can help, I won’t say I can.


Kelly is the sole principal of K W Legal Solicitors.

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  1. August 17, 2012
    Great blog post, lots of wonderful information. Although I do have 1 question, I'm sorry if it's not completely on topic however you seem to know what you're discussing. I often find consumer review sites on the internet but it is very difficult to locate reviews who are not just selling something. How do you find out that the review isn't just an online affiliate site?
    • August 17, 2012
      I guess those who read my blog aren't interested in consumer reviews,they are looking for advice and help. I would hope that any comments posted here are genuine and not mass generated. Thanks for reading.

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